[TYPO3] Safari test browser for PC

Gregory Remington greg at mediatech.net
Sat Feb 25 07:24:20 CET 2006

Patrick Gaumond wrote:
> I've just stumble on this browsercam Safari-only tester:
> http://snugtech.com/en/safaritest/
> Best of all, it's free.
> That can help few people...

Great tool! Thank you.

It's showing the same problem I'm experiencing with bullet lists in 
htmlarea for Safari on my MAC. I'm running Konqueror on Darwin KDE and 
Win XP (VPC) in MAC OS X simultaneously.

What I don't understand is why Safari behaves so differently than 
Konqueror when it uses KHTML and KJS software from the KDE open source 
project. Konqueror appears to be a better browser than Safari.



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