[TYPO3] Replace page content when single view displayed

Jeppe Vesterbæk jhve02 at control.aau.dk
Wed Feb 22 23:33:57 CET 2006

>Above the list view of the plugin on the page I have a standard text item
>which introduces the list. This also looks good. When a user selects a
>property in the list I would like the standard text item to not be shown -
>so that the user only sees the details of the property that has been
>selected and not the introductory text for the list.

The simple solution is just to create a subpage to your current page 
showing your list. Put the detailed view plugin on this new page and 
have the links from your list page point here. If you tick off the "Hide 
in menu" option in the page header on the new page, the user will not 
notice the difference -- the menu is the same.

This is also an often used approach when you for instance have some form 
on a page, and you want to show the user a "your data has been sent -- 
we'll get back to you shortly"-page to confirm submission of form data.


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