[TYPO3] problem with chc_forum (UTF-8 encoding)

Gideon So gideonso at livingwater.org.hk
Wed Feb 22 05:20:01 CET 2006

Hi Amiran,

	First of all, you can find answers about chc_forum in 
typo3.project.forum list.

	There is a bug concern about utf-8 international characters (chinese in 
my case) in the  lastest version of chc_forum. Please use 1.4.4. It 
should all fine with utf-8 characters.


Amiran Chyb wrote:
> hello
> I've noticed, that chc_forum cannot encode international characters  
> entered from frontend (post title, body) despite that category names  
> entered in backend work flawlessly (utf-8).
> ( I have [BE][forceCharset] = utf-8 )
> any thoughts?
> when I input four polish chars they look after submitting like this:
> A-with-umlaut square space A-with-umlaut square space A-with-umlaut 
> square  space  A-with-umlaut square space
> in class.tx_chcforum_pi1.php I've found the following line:
> $this->cObj->ux_llcharset = $this->LOCAL_LANG_charset;
> is it the guilty line? it sets  encoding to central european (polish)  
> since it's standard encoding for pl language, while browser is informed 
> by  the page header, that it should use utf-8.
> I've changed it to $this->cObj->ux_llcharset = 'utf-8'; but nothing  
> happened.
> thanks a lot
> A.

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