[TYPO3] Add one verification field at sr_fe_userregister

Livius Agrippa livius_agrippa at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 21 09:47:22 CET 2006


Nobody answer until now at this question :(.
Maybe I didn't explain properly.
I want to create an extra field in the FE and the value from this field 
is compared with a default value (only one value) - something like a 
security code.
Maybe Rolland, the author of this extension can explain me how can I use 
the hook functions to accomplish this.

Thank you,

> Hi,
> I have installed this extension (sr_fe_userregister) but I want to add 
> in the front end on field for verification. This field will be like a 
> flag. When the inserted value is equal with the specified value (only 
> one value is good) the entire process continue. If not the process is 
> stopped.
> Best regards,
> Livius

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