[TYPO3] google cannot index typo3 sites

Sven Wagenhöfer sven.wagenhoefer at pocketbrain.de
Tue Feb 21 02:03:56 CET 2006

> Changing to realurl will make no difference.
mhm... yes. it will. probably ;-)

Google will sometimes index pages with ?id=, sometimes not - we had a 
similar problem with one site. once we changed the urls to "real" names, 
google got them really fast. Just a change from ?id=1234 to /id/1234 (a 
simple mod_reqrite) helps here - a lot!
But perhaps they have changed it now. And if a site takes half a year to 
get indexed - this si too long :) Most normal pages should be inside 
google within a month or less :)



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