[TYPO3] Strange installation problems: safe mode off but on and ImageMagic exists but not working...

Cyprian Kowalczyk cyprian at pi2.pl
Sun Feb 19 11:41:57 CET 2006


I have just installeg TYPO3 on my ISP's webserver and I encountered the  
following problems:

1. Safe mode turned on (but it's... off):
The info in Basic Configuration sections looks like:
!Safe mode turned on
I have asked my ISP to turn off the safe_mode because I had had some  
problems with running TYPO3 (filesystem permissions and stuff).
When he turned it off all the problems disappeared, yet TYPO3 says that  
safe_mode is on (maybe TYPO3 checks for global value?).

2. ImageMagic exists but... not:
When I search for ImageMagic via Basic Configuration, TYPO3 finds it  
Check Image Magick:
Available ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick installations:
So it exists (like my ISP says).
I have got everything configured right (IM works on my local server with  
this configuration), yet Image Processing sections shows no IM:
mageMagick path: /usr/bin/ ()
ImageMagick path/LZW: /usr/bin/ ()
and none of the image processing tests works (except of some depending  
only on GD)...

TYPO3 works, but I'd like find out why it behaves this way (especially why  
there is no IM).

Maybe a clue would be that I have some disable_functions on this server:  
passthru, system, show_source, popen, pclose
Installatin tool also says that 'Sendmail program not found or not  
executable', yet mail() works.
PHP Version 4.4.1.

Thank you for answers!

regards, cyprian

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