[TYPO3] Inherit meta tags in subpages?

Peter Klein peter at umloud.dk
Tue Feb 14 20:06:37 CET 2006

Hi Heiner. I don't know that extension, as it is possible to do what you are 
asking using pure TS, without installing any plugins. (I use this method on 
several of my sites..)

Go to the "Install Tool", and in the field "[addRootLineFields]" add these 
two fields: "keywords,description"

After you have done that, both fields are accessable from rootLine. That 
means you can simply do something like this:

-- cut --
# Place this in CONSTANTS
meta.description = Here you put the def description
meta.keywords = and,here,you,put,the,default,keywords
-- cut --

-- cut --
# Place this in SETUP
page.meta.DESCRIPTION = {$meta.description}
page.meta.DESCRIPTION.override.data = fullRootLine:9,description,slide
page.meta.KEYWORDS = {$meta.keywords}
page.meta.KEYWORDS.override.data = fullRootLine:9,keywords,slide
-- cut --

Peter Klein / Umloud Untd

"Heiner Lamprecht" <heiner at heiner-lamprecht.net> wrote in message 
news:mailman.102.1139864979.20547.typo3-english at lists.netfielders.de...
> Hi,
> I'm playing a little bit with the metatags-extension.  It works and
> I can define global keywords in the template, and local ones in the
> pages.  Is it possible to let those local ones being inherited by
> the subpages?  Or do I have to repeat them?
> Regards,
>    Heiner
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