[TYPO3] "totally new Content Element type" extensions

Christian Trabold trabold at mehrwert.de
Tue Feb 14 09:51:15 CET 2006

Hello John,

> I am trying to write an extension that is top level content type like 
> the "text" or "text with image" content type.

> The ext_tables.php file has this:
> t3lib_div::loadTCA("tt_content");
> $TCA["tt_content"]["types"][$_EXTKEY."_pi1"]["showitem"]="CType;;4;button;1-1-1, 
> header;;3;;2-2-2";
> which looks like I could just add new fields to the string to add more 
> fields similar to the way the tca controls list style plugins but it 
> doesn't seem to have any effect.
> Any advice is appreciated.

My advice: Go ahead an change the "Kickstarter generated code" untill it 
fits your needs ;)

You can add nearly every field from the tt_content table (exept uid, pid 
and other "system" fields that you *must not* edit).

The syntax to do so is slightly "strange" so you might want to find 
hints here:


Hope that helps to get started!


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