[TYPO3] "totally new Content Element type" extensions

John Nicholas typo3user at mobosplash.com
Mon Feb 13 22:05:52 CET 2006

I am trying to write an extension that is top level content type like 
the "text" or "text with image" content type.

in the extension kickstarter I clicked the frontend plug in option that 
reads as follows:

"Add as a totally new Content Element type
You can also take the plunge into a whole new content element type! 
Scarry eh?"

The kickstarter built a shell that has worked fine but I can't figure 
out how to control what the editing view fields are. When I click to 
edit it I get the same form as if it was the "header" type.

The ext_tables.php file has this:


which looks like I could just add new fields to the string to add more 
fields similar to the way the tca controls list style plugins but it 
doesn't seem to have any effect.

Any advice is appreciated.

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