[TYPO3] Controlling multiple domains

Bjarne HELLIGSOE bjarne.helligsoe at tiscali.fr
Mon Feb 13 14:12:27 CET 2006

On one of my websites, I have several sub domains, which I would like to 
control from the same TYPO3 installation. I found the follow document on 


But - I can make it work!!!!!

I have redirected the sub domains to the main domain, as described in the 
document. And I have created the necessary domain records in TYPO3. But when 
I am browsing for a page on one of the sub domains, I am redirected to main 
domain, where the "home" page is shown!

In the document "Controlling multiple domains" everything looks simple, but 
am I missing something?? After reading in the mailing lists, FAQ and HOWTO - 
I still need some help.

Anyone have the answers?

Thanks in advance

Bjarne Helligsoe

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