[TYPO3] google earth extension?

Troels Kjær Rasmussen troelsr at msn.com
Sat Feb 11 23:59:35 CET 2006

We´re working on one. Won´t be finished untill late spring, - will be quite
featurerich though.


interface for geocoding - look up (AJAX) mappoint based on address (requires 
geocoding interface and DB/XML) - our´s is only good with danish addresses
- interactive maps render in BE form and are clickable -DONE

Set up to work for tt_news, should be able to interface with any recordtype
and possibly combination with different location tables in db - DONE


- Export of KML files for google earth (including polygons if available)
- Display on map (single or multiple mappoints on map.  DONE
- Mappoint linking to singleview/function a.s.o DONE
- export of geoRSS UNDER DEV
- can be integrated in majority of plugins (tt_news, calendar, STI
organisation a.s.o.) UNDER DEV

A lot of other features are planned, and it should be released sometime this 
spring. However there´s still a few licensequestions to be sorted out, such 
as using googlemaps behind login which is prohibited in accordance with the 
google license but absolutely necessary in working with typo3 in BE.

I´ll post a few screenshots soon


Troels Kjær Rasmussen
Vesterbrogade 124 B 2
1620 København V
+ 45 70 22 23 22
troels at linkfactory.dk
"Chris Kievid" <chris at 3rdmillennium.nl> wrote in message
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> Say, by change is there anyone working on a 'google earth' or 'msn virtual
> earth' extension for T3?

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