[TYPO3] google earth extension?

Ries van Twisk typo3 at rvt.dds.nl
Sun Feb 12 06:32:17 CET 2006

Alex Heizer wrote:

>What we really need is a real "location search" extension.
>I'm not sure how well the results work in other countries, but in the 
>US, the free automated location and mapping services return questionable 
>results at best, and horrible results at worst. This makes any business 
>who uses them as their primary means to provide directions very 
>A few examples from my own experience include identifying a bank located 
>inside our local Wal-Mart as being across the street (when it should be 
>the same location as the Wal-Mart, being inside the building), or, more 
>accurately, nonexistent since the bank hasn't been there for at least 3 
>years. Another example is when I had to visit a cell phone store in 
>another state that was listed on the wrong side of a major highway 
>interchange, that resulted in about an hour of lost time navigating the 
>congested New Jersey highway system, when, had it been listed properly, 
>I would have found instantly because I was familiar with the building 
>that the store had moved into since the last time I was in the area. The 
>last example is that it lists my ex-wife to be living in my parents 
>house, married to my father, and I've been divorced for 12 years. Hardly 
>accurate results. In addition, as I mentioned in a similar thread on the 
>US list, on this particular website, it lists the farthest store 
>location from the zip code given, rather than the nearest. So from a 
>usability standpoint, google provides backwards results.
>It would be good if someone could spend their time instead creating a 
>location search extension that allows franchise owners to log in as fe 
>users and update their information personally, since the people who live 
>and work in that area would have better directions and know all the tiny 
>details that the automated map and direction generators might miss. Such 
>as when a business has been closed for several years already, or which 
>side of a street the building is actually located on. As a true T3 
>extension, rather than just incorporating an automated script, it would 
>be configurable by the site admin whether you wanted to offer results 
>sorted by distance (with the closest one actually being listed first 
>instead of last), alphabetically, or some other arbitrary priority.
>Is anyone working on a real location search extension?

Google MAP's is not well know for it's accuracy, this is also true for 
the earth model they use which is less accurate then what mapserver uses 
for example.

Also google maps is really nice for the USA, but shows horrible maps in 
other countries. I made FAR better maps using mapserver and free 
available data then what google can give me outside of the US. Also 
together with mapserver you can do much more cool things then with 
google maps, it's just that google maps are way more easy to use.


>Chris Kievid wrote:
>>Correct me if am wrong here but aren't Google Map and Google Earth 2 
>>separate things. Google Map is 2d webbased application while Google 
>>Earth is 3d standalone app, and hence it will not possible to integrate 
>>inside a website. Right ...??
>>BTW, that Google Map extension done by Reuven is a nice piece of work, 
>>and would be great if he is willing to share it.
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