[TYPO3] [TV][FCE] get current value ???

Michael Cannon michael at cannonbose.com
Sat Feb 11 18:32:39 CET 2006


Reasons for why it was done the way it is
* this is a case of building a site for the client on the cheap
* just getting this mapping done in one go
* design change for this client always has problems like this
* the header gets one wrap
* the bodytext gets another wrap
* there's only one piece of content in this location

For other clients, such as one in which they have four different base  
templates with 3 layouts each, there's no HTML in TV at all. We  
control the look with header layout and section frames which is more  

It's possible that as I get more familiar with TemplaVoila that I'll  
find a better way. If you'd like I can supply original template file  
and snap shots of mapping for you to give suggestions.

Did we meet at TyCon3 in Karlsruhe?



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