[TYPO3] email address spam protection only works in regular text?

Mathias Schreiber mathias.schreiber at wmdb.de
Fri Feb 10 20:21:15 CET 2006

Bing Du wrote:
> Interesting.  The email address spam protection problem I had was with
> htmlArea RTE 1.1.3.  We also have another Typo3 server which is also
> 3.8 but uses RTE 1.0.0.  I just tested there, email protection works
> fine in text w/ image type content elements.  Anybody else using
> htmlArea RTE 1.1.3 see the same problem?  Should I turn to bug the folks 
> who wrote
> the htmlArea RTE?

First off:
Neither the RTE nor the content elements do parse by themselves.
You can set Typoscript parameters to do so.
By default, those are set in order to parse the content, set emails, HTTP 
links and ALSO to parse the email protection.
Check if the content of the CE is parsed through TYPO3s parse functions and 
you're done... 

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