[TYPO3] email address spam protection only works in regular text?

Bing Du du_bing at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 10 19:20:57 CET 2006

Bing Du wrote:

> Thanks, tapio.
> tapio wrote:
>>  >But the protection
>>> does not work in 'text w/ image', 
>> make a bug report - it should work with this type.Basically text w/ 
>> image is just a combination of content types 'text' and 'images'
> Hmmm...I'd blame my ignorance about typo3 first.  I want to hear what 
> other people would say.

Interesting.  The email address spam protection problem I had was with 
htmlArea RTE 1.1.3.  We also have another Typo3 server which is also 3.8 
but uses RTE 1.0.0.  I just tested there, email protection works fine in 
text w/ image type content elements.  Anybody else using htmlArea RTE 
1.1.3 see the same problem?  Should I turn to bug the folks who wrote 
the htmlArea RTE?


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