[TYPO3] UNIX group

Heiner Lamprecht heiner at heiner-lamprecht.net
Thu Feb 9 20:56:06 CET 2006

Hi Robert,

On Thursday 09 February 2006 13:09, Robert Markula wrote:
> Would it be possible/secure to add the SSH group to the 'nobody'
> group?

AFAIK this should be no problem.  The group nobody is used for 
server processes, which should have most limited rights in the 
system.  So, if a user, who have shell access to the server, is 
additionally in this group, it should be okay.

> Or maybe there are other ways to be able to change the 
> group of files/folders to 'nobody'? I don't have root access to
> the webserver (shared hosting environment).

Normally not.  A normal user can only give files to groups he is a 
member in.

You _could_ ask the system admin to write a program (script doesn't 
work here), that changes the group.  This program must be owned by 
root, and must run with root permission (SUID-bit set).  But IMHO, 
this is a dirty trick.


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