[TYPO3] [TV][FCE] get current value ???

Andreas Jonderko anj2j at yahoo.de
Thu Feb 9 13:28:18 CET 2006

Hi Guys!

How to get the current value from a FCE input field into my own extension?
I mean the ".current = 1" thing.

But it doesnt work:

This one would output my value as i expect.
temp = TEXT
temp.current = 1
20 < temp


10 < plugin.tx_systemcontrol_pi1
code.alternative = CVS
    projectname.current =1

I want to set projectname with the current value from my FCE but it 
doesnt work! :(((

Ive tried to set a temp variable like the first example with
projectname < temp    #this gets TEXT
projectname < temp.value    #this gets <nothing>
projectname < temp.data    #this gets <nothing>
projectname < temp.field    #this gets <nothing>

I thought this one would be simple, but its confusing me?
why is it so hard to get the fu**** value!

why easy when it could be that hard  just to set var1 = myvalue or not?


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