[TYPO3] [Typo3] tt_news: string "Displaying results 1 to" escapes locallang translation

Martin Chemnitz mch at knr.gl
Fri Feb 3 20:31:38 CET 2006

Eduardo Frank wrote:
> Hi everybody
> Using tt_news version 2.04,  the list view has at the bottom a short 
> comment saying something similar to this: Displaying results 1 to 5 out 
> of 8, for example. This string is not considered in locallang.php for 
> translation into different languages. Hence, if you build a site in a 
> language different than english, the string will continue to appear in 
> english regardless of what you configure as main language for the site. 
> For an example, visit http://www.typo3.fr/. Right on the front page 
> you'll find the string in english amidst all other content elements that 
> are in french.
> I've searched in several (tt_news)files trying to find the piece of code 
> responsible for the string, but with no success. Does somebody know how 
> to translate the string. Any advice is highly appreciated.
> Eduardo Frank

plugin.tt_news._LOCAL_LANG.[my language] {
pi_list_browseresults_displays = Displaying results ###SPAN_BEGIN###%s 
to %s</span> out of ###SPAN_BEGIN###%s</span>

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