[TYPO3] "crazy" link behaviour gmenufoldout top element

Susanne Moog mail at susanne-moog.de
Thu Feb 2 22:03:17 CET 2006

Robert Becker schrieb:
> here is the link:
> http://www.cms-ag.de/
> when i am on a subpage f.e.
> 1. Die CMS AG
>    - Tätigkeitsfeld
> and want to click-back to the mainpage "Die CMS AG" this is not 
> possible, although there is a link around the main item. the link only 
> works 2-4px above the type
> i tried everything from just changing the x,y size and all the foldout 
> parameters but could not understand why this happens.

Just tried it out, works perfectly fine for me. Haven't had any 
problems. Have you already solved it?


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