[TYPO3] Pass GET values in Menu Link using TS

FEZ (Felix Kratzer) fez at stoccer.de
Thu Feb 2 13:41:35 CET 2006

Surajit wrote:
> Hi All,
> An overview of what we want to acheive:
> 1. We have 2 pages [with our custom plugin installed]
> 2. One shows "List View" and another shows "Detailed View"
> 3. Once we are in "Detailed View" a Menu Link will be visible as main
> menu item.
> 4. The "Detailed View" page displays url with params (like for eg.
> /index.php?id=X&a=1&b=2...)
> 5. Now we want the same url of "Detailed View" to appear in the new menu
> link
> [All the GET values has to be passed to this menu link]
> Please tell whether we can solve it using typoscript.
> Thanks and regards,
> Surajit
> Srijan Technologies, India

If you want to add those params to ALL items in the menu check the 
.addParam of a menu!

If you want only to add the params to ONE spcial item of the menu you 
need the .IProcFunc!

If the latter is the case I can post you an example I did with an IProcFunc


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