[TYPO3] GMENU alt text

Kai Laborenz typo3 at laborenz.de
Thu Feb 2 08:07:03 CET 2006

Hi Rico,

Rico Moorman schrieb:

> Is there a possibility to display some other field than the title field 
> as alt-text of an image? While ie taking rather the alt-text of the 
> images than the title tag of the surrounding a tag

You can take whatever field you want. You can habe subteitle a.e.

But I dont fully understand your question.

alt-text: displayed instead of an image if this isn't schown. It should 
contain the same information (text) the image itself has

title: some additional information shown as a tool-tip, mainly on links 
(information about the link destination or something similar)

So alt-text should not be displayed as a tool-tip at all (I know that IE 

If you change your image alt-text, IE wil still show the title of an 
correspondig link... If you dont want that you have to give title="" to 
the link.

Greetings, Kai

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