[TYPO3] Accessing $GLOBALS['TSFE'] from other PHP scripts

John Nicholas typo3user at mobosplash.com
Thu Feb 2 00:16:20 CET 2006

*reposting since I accidentally posted where it was in another thread*

I am writing a set of flash remoting services that will be used by flash 
movies on my site. I'd like for those remoting scripts to have access to 
some of the data in the TSFE object. What is the simplest way to get 
access to the $GLOBALS['TSFE'] from a non-plug-in php script? It's 
possible that I don't need the whole TSFE object, my real goal is to 
just let the flash have access to the same user information as the front 
end for purposes of showing user-specific content.

If you are not familiar with flash remoting, they are just pure php 
classes that are loaded and called by a wrapper script.

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