[TYPO3] Space beteween content elements

Patric Schmid info at virtualvisions.ch
Thu Feb 2 00:15:12 CET 2006

Well thx for your reply.

the elements on the example site are 6 img/text elements!
after defining
table { clear:left; }
this page is fine


another page
each table is in a single htmlAREA Element.
NOW: sometime ago, by default (!) there was a space between those elements
THEN: after some change/manipulation these spaces were gone!! This i don't
understand! What could have possibly caused this problem!

I have
content.space = 0
content.headerSpace = 0|0
in my constants, but even if i erase these lines, the default space won't
come back.

Basically what i'm trying to achieve is going back to the default setting
for element spacing!



"Christopher" <bedlamhotel at gmail.com> wrote in message
news:mailman.11166.1138834592.6406.typo3-english at lists.netfielders.de...

On 2/1/06, Patric Schmid <info at virtualvisions.ch> wrote:
> Hey, I'm sure that it is a small thing but...i don't see it:
> Suddenly there's no more distance/space between the different content
> elelment in the FE...
> Example site:
> http://server12.hostpoint.ch/~sportfru/index.php?id=15
> <table> (element 1)
> <table> (element 1)
> instead of :
> <table>
> <table>
> ??. I'm using the htmlAREA RTE..
> Thx for any help


It's caused by the 'align="left"' attribute in the tables containing
the images (why are the images in tables?!)

I don't know what kind of layout you're trying to achieve, but one of
the following should get you started:

table { clear:left }


table { float:none; }

By the way, putting 'oncontextmenu="return false;"' in your body tag
stopped me from being able to right-click for _almost_ three seconds.
That thing will not help you protect your content in _any_ way
whatsoever, just so you know...


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