[TYPO3] New extension: Freesite for TemplaVoila!

Stig Nørgaard Færch stig at 8620.dk
Wed Feb 1 17:57:05 CET 2006

Hi all

I have released a new extension called Freesite for TemplaVoila! 

There is no manual yet, so I follow the instructions from here.

It's based on the TV Wizard and brings some of Freesite features to TV.
Main features:
Custom Sample Pages sets:
You can have multiple Custom Sample Pages Sets. Create them with the 
import/export feature of Typo3. For testing purposes you can use the 
supplied basis_pages.xml and duplicate as many as you want to the 
fileadmin/samplepages/ directory. Or use the new_tv_site.xml supplied 
with TemplaVoila (stored in templavoila/mod2/). You can also create new 
directories the samplepages directory whereas they will sorted in 
sections in the list.

HTML-Template setups are saved:
The extension will write new mapping setups(DS/TO) and menucode to the 
directory of that html-template. This means that you will not have to 
repeat this trivial procedure next time you use the same html-template.
Each HTML-template can have multiple setups stored. They will be stored 
in fileadmin/templates/templatename/t3setupxx.
If you want to save an existing DS/TO setup, you can use the 
import/export tool in Typo3.



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