[TYPO3] pageNotFound_handling - 404 error

Christine Rochelt crochelt at hochbau.tuwien.ac.at
Wed Feb 1 09:57:00 CET 2006

After browsing the Mailarchive for hours I still have no clue how to fix

After conversion of the website to Typo3 there are a lot of old links on
other sites or searchengines.

Old links that are on the first level (for example:
http://www.mydomain.com/doesntexistanymore.html) are directed without
any problem. Depending on how it is configured in the install tool 

Old links that are not on the first level, but in an old subdirectory
that doesn't exist anymore, for example: 
are not redirected.
No matter how I configure [pageNotFound_handling].
I also tried the extension "404 Error Page Handling " with the same
Thanks for any ideas.


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