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Wed Feb 1 09:27:13 CET 2006

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Hi Gladenko,

you treat the machine like an intelligent human being. You feed it some keywords
and you hope that it does understand you. A human can guess what you want to
say. A machine has no intelligence. It needs exactly the statements it knows and
in the correct context.

Your code is miles away from any logik the machine can understand. Either you
invst time to study the right usage of TS or you let other people do the work
and use their results. There is unfortunatly no way in between.



Gladenko schrieb:
> Hi i have this problem
> I have set a section by template Voila with name lib.intestazione
> Then in this section i want insert a title of the page so in typoscript of 
> template i have write this
> lib.intestazione=CONTENT
> lib.intestazione.1=TEXT
> lib.intestazione.1 {
> wrap = <div if="figa">|</div>
> fontColor = black
> 10.field = title
> }
> but in the fe is no print nothing
> Please helpme
> Thanks

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