[TYPO3] help TV

tapio tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Wed Feb 1 07:24:07 CET 2006

> You need to study TSRef. 

Try to find some tutorials too, for example Marlies Cohen's tutorial.
The problem of TSRef is that is doesn't give in many places examples how 
to use something - I write this on the base of my own experience.

In many places TSRef is just reference for people, who are familiar with 
   Typo3. They can check from the reference what properties they can 
use. It works for them like a memo - they don't need to memember every 

And in this list the problem is sometimes to get help how to use some 
TypoScript object. For example it took me long time to use EDITPANEL 
object. TSRef just list properties but doesn't give necessary 
information and necessary examples how to use it. This is the basic 
problem in many sections of the TSRef. Sometimes it gives good code 
examples, sometimes not.

Maybe all of use, who can - including me - should write good examples,
in order to help newbees to use Typo3 and TSRef could be more usefull 
for *everyone*, who want to learn make templates for Typo3.

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