[TYPO3] Flexform (or templavoila?) weirdness

Dmitry Dulepov typo3 at fm-world.ru
Wed Feb 1 07:42:30 CET 2006


Martin Koch Andersen wrote:
> Martin Koch Andersen skrev:
>> Another thing, that also appears very recently changed is, that if you
>> create a FCE (eg. selecting plain input type), the translation is no
>> longer done by having three input fields in the same FCE, but you have
>> to copy the element (like you would normally do).

Well, I do not remember which flag is responsible for this but it was
either langDiable or langChildren in DS.

> This happened, when I first created the FCE. If I then went back in and
> modified (just updated) the TO/DS the FCE used, the input fields (one pr
> language) were suddenly back!

Weird :( I see there were a number of changes in localization code of
TV. Probably something is incompatible with previous versions. This is
bad news.


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