[TYPO3] New page wizard: "Standard template" vs. "Main template"

Joerg Wagner - DigiLog multimedia usenet at digilog.de
Sun Apr 30 19:47:36 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I found that the page tree that is generated by the TV wizard has a special 
feature that I would like to repeat for pages that I create my own, but I 
cannot find the setting anywhere to activate it. The effect is this:

Situation 1:
Creating a subpage under any pages TV's demo page tree using the New page 
wizard offers me only the "Standard template" to choose as a template (I 
suppose this means inheriting from the parent). This is exactly what I want.

Situation 2:
But if I create new pages under pages that I have created myself the root 
node then the New page wizard offers me "Standard template" AND the "Main 
template" that I created for the whole website. I suppose that selecting the 
"Main template" anchors the template in the new page once again instead of 
inheriting it from the parent (which actually does not make any difference 
in my case). I want to avoid this selection between the two templates to not 
confuse the editors using the system.

I compared each and every setting of the pages to find out how to force the 
behaviour to that of "Situation 1", but I can't find anything.
Could someone light me candle on this?!?
Many thanks!

Jörg Wagner
DigiLog multimedia

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