[TYPO3] tt_news - Hyperlinks not displayed in FE

Rupert Germann rupi at gmx.li
Fri Apr 28 18:37:21 CEST 2006


if you're talking about the list view this is a wanted behaviour. The links
are removed by subheader_stdWrap.stripHtml = 1 to prevent broken html in
the list view which could be caused by the cropping of the text.

set stripHtml to 0 if you want to see links.
If you don't see links in the Single view check, if you changed something in
the RTE configuration in TSconfig.


Raphael Wälterlin wrote:
> I got the following problem conncering tt-news Extension:
> This problem is NOT about related links.
> Up to tt-news ver. 2.2.40 & Typo3 4.0, I was able to generate hyperlinks
> (internal-links as well as external-links) within news-articles
> (singleDisplay) without any problems.
> In the RTE viz. backend, the highlighted text would be wrapped by the
> usual <link id= ></link> tag. In the frontend, the highlighted passage
> would be a common HTML-link.
> Now with running tt_news 2.3.6 & TYPO3 4.0, this process doesn't work
> anymore. I can highlight text in RTE and set it to a hyperlink as before,
> and the usual <link></link>-wrap will appear.
> But the link won't be displayed at all in the Frontend. If I check the
> HTML source, I notice that the <link></link>-tag is still there and
> doesn't seem to be "converted" or "rendered" to the <a href>tag.
> Internal & External links work fine everywhere else though, just not in
> news articles.
> I noticed this problem with tt_news 2.2.40 and TYPO3 4.0 the first time
> and tried different configurations to solve the problem via TS without
> success.
> Does anybody know what the cause / solution might be?
> Thanks in advance!

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