[TYPO3] two realurl questions

Markus Bertheau mbertheau.typo3 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 20:16:47 CEST 2006


I'm using realurl 0.3.0 with Typo3 3.8.1.

I have a post var set of three variables. URLs look like this:


but I want them to look like this:


i.e. without the trailing slash. Only in the case that all three POST
vars are present.

Second question: My frontend plugin url with realurl looks like this:


where /docs/foobar/ is the page tree part and myext is the postvarset
from the realurl configuration of the frontend plugin. I understand
that the myext part is neccessary to differentiate between more than
one plugin on the page, but nevertheless the question: is it possible
to have urls like that:


At the moment my realurl configuration looks like this:

= array(
        array('GETvar' => 'tx_myext_pi1[mode]'),
        array('GETvar' => 'tx_myext_pi1[pointer]'),
        array('GETvar' => 'tx_myext_pi1[file]'),

Thanks for any help


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