[TYPO3] strange problem with user registration

Andreas Balzer eMail at andreas-balzer.de
Thu Apr 20 17:55:27 CEST 2006

Hi! I have written it to the chat already, but i would like to ask help 
for my problem here too:
[17:28] andreasbalzer: Hi!
[17:28] andreasbalzer: Does anybody has experience with user groups, 
newloginbox, and registration forms?
[17:29] andreasbalzer: (and some time?)
[17:30] andreasbalzer: well, in the hope that here is one who can help me:
[17:31] andreasbalzer: I have a login form with an accesskey. After 
login the user sees a sitemap with a link. When he clicks on the link he 
becomes logged out and sees a registration form
[17:32] andreasbalzer: the form asks the user to change the userprofile
[17:32] andreasbalzer: BUT the user is logged out
[17:32] andreasbalzer: when the user reloads the page, he sees a "page 
does not exist" message
[17:32] andreasbalzer: but if the user clicks on change profile, he sees 
a message, that he could not be authorized
[17:32] andreasbalzer: this is correct, because he's not logged in
[17:33] andreasbalzer: IF he deletes the parameters of the registration 
form in the adressbar of his browser and reloads,
[17:33] andreasbalzer: the registrationform just show the correct 
[17:33] andreasbalzer: my problem: i don't understand it..

It can be tested at http://www.ess-erfurt.de/contents/mep.0.html
"Nutzernamen erstellen" in the menu on the left

Account name mepde7
Account password mepde7

Any idea?

Thanks for any help


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