[TYPO3] SEO for the defaultToHTMLsuffixOnPrev Realurl setting

Johannes Reichardt typo3 at gramba.de
Wed Apr 19 21:14:44 CEST 2006

Hi Ernesto,
> Hm, interesting, I have not thought of that. In a quick test it seems
> that URLs smaller than 54 chars never have a space and larger URLs
> always have a space somewhere. So this might really be the reason. Do
> you have any pointer to where this is documented/explained or simply
> mentioned?
Google for it - i can´t tell you right now but it was a quite good 
source as far as i remember.
> So you think the defaultToHTMLsuffixOnPrev is "approved" SEO-wise?
Can´t tell. SEO optimizing is such a large field ;) - best would be to 
install a SEO honeypod website with all kinds of configurations...

- Johannes

> Cheers,
> Ernesto
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