[TYPO3] is this design posable in typo3

Livius Agrippa livius_agrippa at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 17 17:12:52 CEST 2006

Hi Karl,

You can also use this typoscript in your template to wrap every content 
with some additional information.

styles.content.get = CONTENT
     table = tt_content
     select.orderBy = sorting
     select.where = colPos=0
     renderObj.20 = TEXT
     renderObj.20.field = header
     renderObj.21 = TEXT
     renderObj.21.field = bodytext
     renderObj.stdWrap.wrap (
<div class="roundcontent"><div class="roundtop">
<img src="fileadmin/template/gif/top_left_corner.gif" alt="" width="16" 
height="16" class="corner" style="display: none" />
</div>|<div class="roundbottom">
<img src="fileadmin/template/gif/bottom_left_corner.gif" alt="" 
width="16" height="16" class="corner" style="display: none" />
      wrap = <div id="content"> | </div>


after this you can attach in your template:
page.10 = CONTENT
page.10 < styles.content.get

or if you use automaketemplate:
subparts.content < styles.content.get

You can see this typoscript at work here:

I have used to render the corner this method:

If your content is composed only from news items you can use the method 
described by Luc. In news template you can wrap the news item with 
desired divs or tr, td tags.



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