[TYPO3] 2nd TYPO3 conference, call for papers

Juergen Egeling egeling at punkt.de
Sat Apr 15 09:30:22 CEST 2006

TYPO3 Conference 2006
5th - 8th october 2006

The 2nd Worldwide TYPO3 Conference will take place in Karlsruhe, Germany
from Thursday 5th - Sunday 8th october, 2006.

We are inviting contributions on all areas of the TYPO3 system. The program
will cover a variety of subjects, including Design, Internal System 
Development, Tools and Applications. 

Any topic likely to be of interest to TYPO3 hackers, users, admins or 
enthusiasts will be considered. Timely papers discussing work in 
progress or recently completed work are especially welcomed, as are 
new and interesting uses of existing work. Topics should have
relevance to TYPO3, but need not be exclusive to it.

We are especially looking for success stories where you show in
a project how your client could benefit from the use of TYPO3.
We are not limited to any kind of project, we suggest Intranets,
Internet pages, Shops, ...

Abstracts for the conference should be 250-500 words long. Presentation 
of final papers would normally last approximately 45 minutes, including 
10 minutes for questions and answers.  If you need more time for your 
presentation, please advise us when submitting your abstract - 
consecutive presentation slots can be made available. Abstracts should 
be submitted using the form at http://t3con06.typo3.org/speakersreg.html
and then http://t3con06.typo3.org/papers.html

The opportunity to hosst a tutorial also exists on thursday, where 
you can take half a day or a full day to delve deeper into specific 
programming or administration topics.  

We will acknowledge all submissions.

Significant dates:

   Closing date for abstracts     May 31th
   Authors notified by            June 20th 
   Final papers due               September 1st

Please send any queries to the programme committee at prc at typo3.org

have fun making the T3CON06 a blast

Juergen Egeling
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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