[TYPO3] shopping systems

Wes Currier typo3 at wesfx.com
Wed Apr 12 04:27:45 CEST 2006

Try web format shop EXT:extendedshop
Very easy to set up.
Easily translates into other languages.
Is not as robust, yet, as tt_products. Although it offers some nice 

All shop systems can have payment information removed by altering the
template and TS.

I believe mkl_products has been incorporated into tt_products latest 

If you choose to use tt_products on your 3.8.1 system MAKE SURE you have 
installed EXT:fh_library and EXT:table BEFORE you install tt_products.

wes currier

Tapio Markula wrote:
> Hi
> There are so many shopping systems for Typo3
> that I would ask a proposal for relative small and simple
> shopping system. no paypal etc.
> My boss said that request using e-mail would be enough.
> I have once tested mk_products but after that has been made
> much new versions. Somebody certainly has some experience from
> shopping systems for Typo3.

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