[TYPO3] shopping systems

Surajit Kayal surajit at srijan.in
Tue Apr 11 15:41:59 CEST 2006


I agree that tt_products is not properly documented, but, I dont agree 
that setting up is very hard.
Few basic steps... and I have done it couple of times quite easily.

You can view a demo setup at: http://tt-products.zedwoo.de/index.php?id=11
BE username/ password : bananaguard/ tt_products

cheers :-)
Srijan Technologies, India.

Peter Klein wrote:

>I don't agree. I find tt_products to be very hard to setup, as much of the 
>setup is not documented in the manual, some documentation is only available 
>in german and some documentation you can only find on the Wiki page etc. 
>This makes it very hard to setup, unless you want to use the default setup.
>Also links generated by tt_products is not parsed through RealUrl, so you 
>end up with urls with a LOT of getvars..

Thanks and regards,
Surajit Kayal
Srijan Technologies, India.

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