[TYPO3] Switched Servers... UNIX/CGI problem??

Tim Riemenschneider lists-05 at tim-riemenschneider.de
Wed Apr 5 15:11:25 CEST 2006

Heiner Lamprecht schrieb:
> On Monday 03 April 2006 18:32, Gilles Deacur wrote:
>>He's under the impression that "UNIX/CGI detected" needs to be
>>set to YES.
>>Yes or no?
> No.  The default configuration for PHP and Apache on Linux is to 
> have PHP as a module inside Apache.
> If you are running IIS or an old version of PHP with Apache on 
> Windows, than you need the cgi stuff.  Therefore it's also 
> available on Unix, but not used in real live.
I don't think so.
PHP is often used as CGI, at least with shared-hosting.
The problem is that with PHP as Apache-Module, it is run as the 
webserver-user (probably "nobody", "apache", "www-run" or the like), so 
all files created by php (typotemp/*, uploaded files fileadmin/* ...) 
are owned by this user. This results in not being able to delete/edit 
this files as ftp/shell-access user.
PHP as CGI can be run as the user owning the php-files (SUEXEC in 
Apache), so the files are owned by the correct user.

(There is also something like suphp: php as module mimicking SUEXEC, but 
I have no experiences with this....)


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