[TYPO3] Complex property/value of an object ... setting filelink_size = 1 als default?

Jens Beckmann jensbeckmann at gmx.info
Mon Apr 3 22:18:07 CEST 2006


I want to have the filesize of uploads shown as default (and hide the 
corresponding backend checkbox). Therefore I want to set filelink_size = 
1 (as shown in TSref, page 40)

In the object browser the only place where "filelink_size" appears is a 
very complex object (i am using css_styled_content):

tt_content.uploads.20.stdWrap.editIcons = tt_content: media, layout 
filelink_size, imagecaption

I don't know how to set filelink_size = 1 (boolean) because it seem to 
be included in this complex group of properties/values ... How are this 
properties/value to be handled?

Any hints are welcome
Thank you

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