[TYPO3] Transparent GIF in GMENU - FIXED!

Susanne Moog mail at susanne-moog.de
Sun Apr 2 23:30:07 CEST 2006

Scotty C schrieb:
> Hi Christian and Susanne,

> But now I have a new problem: I need to set custom CSS
> for the mininews module on the home page. You'll see
> that it's got black text but needs to be white. The
> problem is, it would appear that the mininews module
> just uses the <P> tag styles, so if I set <P> color to
> white, the text changes. However, so does the rest of
> the text in the entire site. Looks like I've got
> another mess - can anybody help here?
> Thanks so much!
> -Scott.

Hi again,

if I saw this right in your source code the text is set in P-Tags with 
<P class="tx-mininews-pi1-fp_listrowField-teaser>. The classes change 
depending on the view used. But to change the CSS code: Copy the 
CSS-Code from the Source:

/* default styles for extension "tx_mininews_pi1" */
	.tx-mininews-pi1 .tx-mininews-pi1-listrow 
P.tx-mininews-pi1-listrowField-title { font-weight:bold; }
	.tx-mininews-pi1 .tx-mininews-pi1-listrow 
P.tx-mininews-pi1-listrowField-teaser { margin-bottom:15px; }
	.tx-mininews-pi1 .tx-mininews-pi1-fp_listrow 
P.tx-mininews-pi1-fp_listrowField-title { font-weight:bold; }
	.tx-mininews-pi1 .tx-mininews-pi1-fp_listrow 
P.tx-mininews-pi1-fp_listrowField-teaser { margin-top:0px; 
margin-bottom:10px; }
	.tx-mininews-pi1 .tx-mininews-pi1-singleView 
P.tx-mininews-pi1-singleViewField-teaser { font-style:italic; 
margin-top:5px; margin-bottom:10px; }
	.tx-mininews-pi1 .tx-mininews-pi1-browsebox P 
SPAN.tx-mininews-pi1-browsebox-strong { font-weight:bold; }
	.tx-mininews-pi1 .tx-mininews-pi1-listrow 
P.tx-mininews-pi1-listrowField-teaser A { color:black; 
text-decoration:none; }
	.tx-mininews-pi1 .tx-mininews-pi1-listrow 
P.tx-mininews-pi1-listrowField-teaser A:hover { color:black; 
text-decoration:none; }

Paste it into your own Stylesheet and change it there.

Then put the following into your TS-Setup:

plugin.tx_mininews_pi1._CSS_DEFAULT_STYLE >

I'm not really sure if that works, but I think it should do the trick.



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