[Typo3] FE not showing

Kraft Bernhard kraftb at gmx.net
Wed Mar 30 16:44:46 CEST 2005

Tim Boesenkool wrote:

> I'm having the same problem with no frontend showing up in www.tsi.bc.ca.
> Can you tell me how you determined where the PHP error was coming from
> please?

Well :) 1+ year of Typo3 Experience lots of years more PHP experience and a good guess :-))

There are approximately 0.5-2 mails per day on this mailinglist were people ask:
What can I do ? My site went blank and isn't showing anything !

If the people who report those errors post some information or error messages which show up
you can have a clue where the problem could lie.

In the case when really NOTHING appears except the opening and closing <HTML> tags then the
story gets complicated. Sometimes this even happens to me and I have to dig into the Typo3
Source to find the problem. It can be many different things.

I already wanted to make a Document called "My site went blank" which should be a compendium
for such a case. But at the moment I'm having nearly zero time for extra things ...

Just a few guesses:

If neither BE nor FE works:
A1. Try uninstalling some recently installed extensions by removing their key from the extList variable
from localconf.php and delete the temp_CACHED_ files in typo3conf.

A2. Try replacing the Typo3 Source by a freshly decompressed one (Easy if you are under unix and have the
source symlinked - hard to do if windows) This makes sense because you pherhaps touched some file mistakenly !
Caution: If you have made some custom modifications to the core you will overwrite them !
Caution: If you have installed new globals extensions they will be missing afterwards.

If just FE isn't working:
B1. Try again unloading extensions (This time you can use the Ext manager) dont forget to clear both caches.

B2. Make a simple as possible Typoscript outputting your page so the error isn't in the TS (bad that there's
no TS validator at the moment) a simple TS would look like:
page = PAGE
page.10 = TEXT
page.10.value = Hello World !!!
Don't forget to clear both caches.

If A2 in combination with B2 doesn't result in "Hello world !!!" on the page there's something really strange
going on and I would look if normal PHP scripts work (i.e: <?php echo "Hello World !"; ?> )

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