[Typo3] XCLASS error in module

Kraft Bernhard kraftb at kraftb.at
Sun Mar 27 15:22:24 CEST 2005

Joey Dwyer wrote:

> I am working through the Modern Template Building part 2 tutorial. I have created an extension that allows selection of which template to use on a page, as well as which sub template (content template) to use. The main page template selector is working (I've reached page 19 in the PDF file of the documentation). However, the "sub" template for the content area is not showing the options in the drop down list, or the icon options.
> I checked the code very carefully... and in fact copied the code from the tutorial changing only the pertinent references... and it still isn't working.

The best would be to post your code for the
Template Autoparser
and the
Page Template Selector
which you most probably used so we can look for mistakes
(there were some changes in recent versions of Page Template Selector)

> Errors: No XCLASS inclusion code found in file 'class.tx_nwstmpl_addfiles.php'
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> No XCLASS inclusion code found in file 'pi1/class.tx_nwstmpl_pi1.php'  

This hasn't anything to do with it. It just means that one of the 
extensions you have loaded (?available?) has a missing XCLASS inclusion 
line which just means nobody will be able to extend this class via the 
XCLASS mechanism ...


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