[Typo3] Direct mail links not working?!

Xander Damen xander at roquin.nl
Thu Mar 24 14:51:25 CET 2005


I added some links to a newsletter a was creating and typo3 seems to create 
a mess.
It are real links to newsitems so the url contains quite a lot of &'s. The 
url in the mail contains a jumpurl so typo3 needs to handle that link and 
send a redirect. But when it has sent the header-redirect the url contains 
& in stead of & so tt_news is unable to present the proper newsitem, 
since it does not recognise the newsid.

I can create working links by using the dmail url fix extension, but I don't 
want to use that, because I want the number of clicks to be counted.

Any clues here?



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