[Typo3] newloginbox redirection

Michael Wolf michael.wolf at tudock.de
Wed Mar 23 09:49:12 CET 2005

Hello suman,

there is an extension called Redirect user to page at login
(dkd_redirect_at_login). I think this is what you're looking for,
isn't ist?


Michael Wolf
TUDOCK - www.tudock.de

am Mittwoch, 23. März 2005 um 08:00 schrieben Sie:

> Hi Everybody,

> I need the newloginbox for its password reminder feature. However, I could
> not find any option for automatically redirecting to some user configurable
> page after login like the standard login box (Have went through the 
> documentation but not the source).

> Is there any hook available for this purpose? If not, any other quick fix
> for the problem?

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