[Typo3] Adding header META/LINK in an extension.

Peter Huppertz peter at futurmat.com
Fri Mar 18 14:16:06 CET 2005

Hi Joshua,

you can add header code by writing it in 

        $GLOBALS['TSFE']->pSetup['headerData.']['xx'] = 'TEXT';
        $GLOBALS['TSFE']->pSetup['headerData.']['xx.']['value'] = 

(xx = any number that is still avaible in the header-array)



Joshua Preston schrieb:

> Hey group,
> I was wondering if there were a way to modify the headers from an 
> extension.  I am writing a front end message system, and the RTE I'm 
> using has 2 javascript includes.  Looking at performance issues, I 
> noticed that if I include the javascript source in the page (about 
> 10k) page load times are horrendous.  If I <LINK> them in the header, 
> it downloads it once and cache's it tremendously reducing subsequent 
> page load times.
> How would I go about this?
> Thanks!
> Joshua Preston.
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