[Typo3] Website Very Slow in IE but fast in Firefox

Sandy Matheson lists at mathesonuk.com
Thu Mar 17 21:19:22 CET 2005


Thank you - what was totally confusing me was that I was looking at
the character that is marked in red and could see nothing wrong with

Many of these page titles were cut and pasted from a MS Word document
so I can easily now understand the incorrect characters.

Thanks for the explanation - and the 'red' marking in the validation
report is rather misleading.

Much appreciated,


On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 20:44:32 +0100, "JoH" <info at cybercraft.de> wrote:

>> Thanks for the reply - but I don't understand how this happens.
>> I enter 'normal' text in a Typo3 page title and it is rejected as an
>> incorrect SGML character. I cannot enter a Unicode number!
>> Other examples:
>> Line 255, column 3249: non SGML character number 146
>> Complaining about the letter t
>> Line 255, column 3280: non SGML character number 146
>> Complaining about a space
>> Line 255, column 2577: non SGML character number 146
>> Complaining about the letter F
>> All of these are entered as page titles - how can they be incorrect
>> SGML characters unless Typo3 is producing them?
>Nope - in all cases it's not the character that's marked red but the small
>rectangle symbol a few characters to the right from the red ones.
>For example this one, where the "i" in Bishop's is marked red:
>Line 235, column 56898: non SGML character number 146
>...link">C28 Marriage difficulties and Bishop’s Visitors</a></li><li><a
>                                                                  ^^^
>And - yes - they can be incorrect even though TYPO3 is not producing them.
>You hardly can see the difference but there is one:
>              '                      !=                     '
>        incorrect                                    correct
>        char 146
>"curly" apostrophy         !=      "standard" apostrophy
>If this is coming from your keyboard by default, you should change the
>keyboard layout and/or language settings.

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