[Typo3] Advanced menu question

Xander Damen xander at roquin.nl
Thu Mar 17 16:03:03 CET 2005


Suppose my pagetree looks like this

- Home
     - About
         - Team
         - Goals
     - Projects
         - Old
         - Current
     - Products
         - Search
         - List

What I want to do is create a menu where the current tree is expanded in the 
men itself and all others give me a popup (using tmenu_layers)
eg. If the current page if "Team" the menu should show:

  - Team
  - Goals
Projects (on mouseover a layer for old and current)
Products (on mouseover a layer for old and current)

I already have the code for the layers etc. But my question is: is this menu 
possible in typo3 or is it too advanced? And if this is possible how can it 
be done?




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