[Typo3] disable fiels from fe_users

Pierre Rouwens pierre at web-lance.com
Tue Mar 15 18:07:22 CET 2005

Irene Höppner a écrit :
> 1. Read the rules and use your full name.
> 2. Think first: What information could someone need, who wants to give you a
> useful answer. F.e. there are minimum 3 Extensions for a fe_user
> registration. So which of them are you using? What settings did you do yet
> etc. Asking should take more time than answering in this lists. We are not
> getting payed for helping.
> 3. Read the manual of that extension and try hard to understand it.
> 4. Mostly it's just some HTML to remove from the HTML-Template and/or some
> fieldlist in TypoScript, that has to be reduced (try to find it in the
> Object Browser or in the extension manual or both).
> Greets,
> Irene

Hi Irene,

So i've reade the rules and you're the first who tells me that Pierre is 
not enough (i mean i don't called myself zarbizao) but ok i understand.
Ok i haven't much detailled what i wanna do...
I speak in the BE when you create a new website user ... without any 
extension, i wanna hide some fields here (like company etc..).
but i think i have find a way to do this by the exclude fields cause 
it's a non admin BE user.. is this the better way to achieve this ?
Pierre Rouwens

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