[Typo3] accidentally removed admin user

Romeo Theriault romeo.theriault at maine.edu
Tue Mar 15 15:31:22 CET 2005

Ahhh, relief!!!!!!   Thank you all sooooo very much. I was starting to lose
sleep already. :) Now to figure out why I can't delete recursively even
though the check box is checked to do so.

Thank you again. 

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Hi Romeo!

go to http://your.website/typo3/install, login and choose Database 
Analyser. There you get a button "create admin user", that should help?!



Romeo Theriault schrieb:

>Doh, Don't I feel stupid.  I accidentally removed my admin user from my
>typo3 install. I was trying to get typo3 to delete recursively and was
>looking at the Admin user options and unchecked the "Admin(!)" checkbox,
>thinking the "(!)" mark might mean "not". But it did not mean not. And now
>when I log in as my admin user I have no options. :-(  I'm running my
>install on a windows 2000 server. Is there anyway I can reset myself to
>admin through the install tool or on the local machine. Thank you so much
>for any help.  
>Romeo Theriault
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