[Typo3] The right extension for listing office documents?

Daniel Pötzinger operation-lan at gmx.de
Tue Mar 15 11:39:43 CET 2005

Diederik van Veen wrote:
> what would be the right extension for listing office documents, like 
> .doc, .xsl and .pdf files. And have additional info visible, such as 
> author, content, ect..). What would be perfect if users could just 
> upload a file to a directory and the file is immediatedly listed and 
> categorised, without the need to add extra info thru the BE. I'd like to 
> implement tis as a (searcheable) structure for our scientic works.
> What in your exerience and what do you think is the right extension to use?
> I've found these ones in the TER:
> - Document Directorys: but that still seems a bit 'beta' if one might 
> say that. And it requires the use and login of the BE, which is not very 
> convenient for our FE users. And apart from that it doesn't seem that 
> vwware is properly supported by a windows server. Pro is it can read 
> META info.
It is stable, no big bugs are known.
It is possible to show an upload-form, so fe-users can submit docfiles. 
This docfile is parsed and insert to the database.
You can also use wvware on windows, just modify the TS to point on the 
right path
(a hint is in the docu as annotation)

> - General Office Displayer: Which works fine, but it requires that 
> saving of the document in a XML format. And does not support pdf.
> - Documents Suite: Provides a frontend plugin for displaying office 
> documents (haven't tried this one)
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